13 Steps To Optimal Livestock Production - Jerrybrunetti

Published on June 20, 2013

Jerry Brunetti is an internationally recognised speaker on topics that include soil fertility, animal nutrition, livestock health and human health. Jerry often speaks to audiences about the relationship of "Food as Medicine" and "Farm as Farmacy." The links between healthy soil, truly nutritious food and profitable, sustainable farming are clearly evident in Jerry's personal and professional experiences. His skill for communicating this to people has won him extensive praise from farmers, sustainable farming organizations and holistic health professionals. Prior to launching Agri-Dynamics, Jerry studied Animal Science at North Carolina State University and then moved to western Virginia to run a cow/calf operation. He served as Regional Dairy Director of the National Farmers Organization in the Northeast for five years. Amongst many other positions Jerry is currently on the board of Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture. Information on Jerry and his presentations is borrowed from ACRES USA. 13 Steps to Optimal Livestock Productivity - by Jerry Brunetti Whether dairy or beef, a healthy herd begins in such keystone concepts as biodiversity on the farm, acid/alkali balance in feedstuffs, forage quality, and more. Eco-consultant and livestock feed specialist Jerry Brunetti details 13 keynotes essential for a successful livestock operation. A popular speaker at eco-farming events across North America, Jerry Brunetti explains the laws of nature in terms farmers can embrace, and doles out specific steps you can utilize on your farm right away. -North Coast Regional Landcare Network