5 Amazing Captive Bred Clownfish You’Ve Likely Never Seen Before!

Published on July 3, 2017
Channel: Current-Usa
Category: Pets & Animals
Source: Youtube

http://current-usa.com/ We’re sharing 5 amazing clownfish you’ve probably never seen at a local aquarium store. Clownfish are popular for aquarists because they add color, are hardy, tend to live a long time and more. This video shares even more reasons to have clownfish in your aquarium. We’re going to give more information about specific designer clownfish, and why we recommend them. #1. Lightning Maroon Clownfish - Originally from Papua New Guinea, the Lightning Maroon is a truly a unique fish. Learn more about the lightning bolt pattern each one has, as well as other reasons these are great clownfish for your aquarium. #2. Deluxe Clarkii - This new designer clownfish is popular for many reasons, like for their bright colorings. Get more info on why this ORA fish is highly recommended. #3. Cinnamon Clownfish - These look a lot like tomato clownfish. Find out what their nickname is, as well as behaviors and elements that make them truly unique. #4. Gold Nugget Maroons - These aquarium fish have a white genetic mutation that turns gold as they gets older. Learn the history of this type of clownfish and tips for having them in your aquarium. #5. Picasso Clowns - The Picasso Clown has a highly unique history; we’ll share how and why this clownfish is so rare. Plus, learn more about their personality that makes them so popular. Get excited to hear a special story about Black Photon Clownfish; this tale will make any aquarist smile. For additional aquarium keeping tips, subscribe! Happy to help further at http://current-usa.com/.