Amberline On Naked Snapchats, Chocolate Beer + Metrosexuality. Interview With St Pauls Lifestyle.

Published on Sept. 2, 2013
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

Go to Amberline here: 00:00 Excitement + Details On Tour. 00:19 Being Taken For Granted. 00:25 Different Tour Locations - Geography. 01:37 Fairies And Spirits? 02:01 I Like... Posh + Gangster Contrasts. 02:42 Naked Snapchats. 03:11 Chocolate Beer To Man Stuff. 04:07 Alcohol + Starwars. 04:33 Describing The Band. 05:10 Metrosexual. 05:51 EP - Track Listing. 06:16 Good Luck! 06:18 End Credits. For more sessions, interviews, festival cover and other awesome stuff with talented musicians and comedians, go to, subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us @stpaulslifestyl , catch us on Tumblr., Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook and catch Rose Paul on Google+. Linked-In and Facebook. St Pauls Lifestyle inc OVERGROUND SOUND supports striving artists for free.