Badgers Come Right Up To The Door To Me For Some Apple - Amazing!

Published on Sept. 12, 2016
Category: Pets & Animals
Source: Youtube

The badgers this year seem to be much more brave and cheeky than previous years - they also really love apple! I previously tested whether they would allow me outside with them and they did, and as my scent is all over the food they didn't think that was strange. One of the males has now figured out where the food comes from. I saw him going over to the door on the nightcam and thought it was just a coincidence, then a couple of times I saw him right by the door sniffing and looking. Last night I decided to open the door and see if he was actually coming to look for me and this is what happened. You can hear how loud they are when they eat - it always makes me laugh, talk about enjoying the apple! I also move the camera so you can see how close he is. The funny thing is that Carrie fox is watching me feed the badger and she has a look on her face as if to say "what the heck? That's my trick, why are you now feeding badgers by the door!" It went slightly wrong at the end as I accidentally knocked over the tray of apple whilst trying to film and feed at the same time and scared the life out of the badgers. It was ok though as they both appeared back within literally a second or two.You'd think I'd learn to be careful as the exact same thing happened in 2014 when I was outside feeding Carrie and a new cub.