Carolina Panthers Vs Washington Redskins Week 15 | Sports Bit | Nfl Picks & Preview

Published on Dec. 19, 2016
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In plain terms, the Redskins have been terrible at home in Monday Night Football for the past 15 games. However, they NEED a win tonight in order to reach the playoffs. The Panthers are coming off a win, and will look to spoil the fun. Can Washington make it to the promised land? Browse the best NFL sportsbooks: NFL Betting Article: Follow us on Facebook Twitter Tumblr Google + Automated Video Transcription: all right back on sports bit betting insight today follow us on twitter at Pauly Howard at Teddy underscore covers monday night football Panthers Redskins Washington seven 50 and a half the total amazing but true the redskins have lost 15 of their last 16 home games on Monday Night Football you cannot be serious but they have a path here if they went out there in the playoffs they really were really need that tampa bay lost sunday night and they got it they have the weapons causing seven a good year especially with Jordan Reed healthy and Williams back to see if they can get it done against the panthers but the question with the Panthers candy they showed up against san diego good effort will keep late well that is a big question but I mean you have defense attorneys for both of these teams watches offensive been really good all year and we've talked about the redskins ability to put the biscuit in the basket and they did it again last week with a late touchdown they've been running the football league touch on the cover against philly been running the football effectively and cousins with now as you mentioned Jordan Reed healthy and good to go tonight as is nearly a full complement of weapons and you've got a lot of weapons but that Redskins defense if only have one team under 20 points all season they have not been strong at anything look at the football outsiders graphic overall number 26 number 22 against the run number 27 against the pass their bottom five on third downs their bottom five in the red zone those are some bad defensive numbers for a team asked to lay a touchdown I mean at least going to get focus from josh norman tonight and the Panthers and decided to let him go didn't pay Norman the money and he's going to be coming i'm sure the chip on his shoulder quote it's going to be different feel I could tell you that I think come monday night those emotions will come out and show themselves yeah