Casio G-Shock Adjust Time Hands (Hd) Hidden Menu Digital + Analog Times Match Gshock Aviator Ga-1000

Published on March 3, 2017
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

Access the hidden menu of many Casio G-Shock watches including the GA-1000 Aviator to adjust / sync the analogue dials to match the digital time displayed. Save your money, no need for a shop to make this adjustment for you, and no need to think your watch is broken! Other models of Casio GShock will have the button placement in different areas, however on the GA1000, they are; Top Left:ADJUST Top Right: BACK Bottom Left: MODE Bottom Right: FORWARD The process is to hold the ADJUST button down for 5 seconds (not 2 seconds) to access the hidden menu. Then use the FORWARD and BACK buttons to program the analogue hands to point directly up (12:00). The idea is NOT to make it match the current time, don't make the same mistake I did and get confused, instead adjust so all hands are pointing north. Refer to the video for more explanation on how to adjust the seconds and then minutes/hour hands. Once the time is set to 12:00, press the ADJUST button to save your changes. Perfect, now the watch hands match the digital readout! Suits module 5413 found in watches such as GA1000, GA-1000, GBA400, GBA-400, and others. This video was inspired by Ka chun Chiu.