Cinemagic: Documentary Teaser With Kerry O'Quinn

Published on March 9, 2012
Channel: Neal Hallford
Source: Youtube

Between 1972 and 1987, CINEMAGIC magazine was the only publication dedicated to showing filmmakers how to make science fiction, fantasy, and horror movies on backyard project budgets. Our documentary will track the evolution of the magazine from an indie fan mag to a national pulpit backed by STARLOG, the granddaddy of all science fiction publications. We'll catch up with the people behind some of the most beloved projects featured in its pages, and see how some of them went from making homemade Super8 epics to creating the biggest blockbusting movies coming out of Hollywood today. We'll also show how this humble this publication laid the groundwork for today's indie do-it-yourself filmmaking revolution. When completed, the documentary will feature interviews with Kerry O'Quinn, Gregory Dohler, John Dods, Al Magliochetti, Ernest Farino, Tim Sullivan, and many, many others. Currently in production by Swords & Circuitry Studios.