Clock Crew Fight Club Arctic Clock Playthrough

Published on Feb. 27, 2016
Channel: Brawltheman
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Another game from my youth, tho I hated this one. At first, this game seems really hard, since you move so slowly (in fact everyone does, but the computer will make it feel like it's faster than you), it's really damn hard to do the specials, and there's a stamina bar at the top that lowers when you do your normals/specials, and it can only be filled by taunting, which leaves you open. However, I found this game's achilles heel: pressing back and punch. Hit the guy with the knockdown punch, then while he's in the wakeup animation, hit him again. Keep hitting him, and by the time your stamina meter is empty, his health will be very low. It's sad that this game sucks so hard, the sprites look fantastic. I used Arctic Clock since I used him to beat the game beforehand, his knockdown punch has a lot of range, and his wakeup animation is completely invulnerable.