Ferrari Of San Antonio - New Dealership Under Construction Walkthrough - Update #2

Published on Jan. 28, 2017

Ferrari of San Antonio - New Dealership Under Construction - Update #2 In this update, John D. Villarreal, the pre-owned manager of Ferrari of San Antonio, goes through a walk-though of the new dealership under construction with a senior member of the construction team. Please subscribe to my channel here: I have a lot of great car videos! Note: at the time of doing this video John D. Villarreal is a general sales manager in training and pre-owned manager at Ferrari of San Antonio, and is paid by Ferrari of San Antonio as an employee, but is not paid specifically to do videos, nor is he paid by Ferrari to do videos. John owns and controls the content of this video. All of John's opinions are his own, and his honest opinions, and not necessarily the opinions or views of either Ferrari of San Antonio, or Ferrari. Finally, obviously, if you buy a vehicle from John at Ferrari of San Antonio he will make money selling you a vehicle.