Folding Heavy Duty Cart For Fishing From Costco!

Published on Aug. 21, 2015
Channel: Scuba Chris
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

OK, IT'S A MULTIPURPOSE UTILITY CART:) LOL I recently fell in love with this strong light-weight foldable cart that i purchased at the Costco store in Kapolei, Hawaii for $48. I can fold it up and put it behind my truck's passenger seat. With the large thin solid profile back tires pulling/pushing this cart on ground to walkways is a breeze. For sand simply unbolt the tires for wide wheels. And some of my diving locations are far from my parked truck so putting in my Scuba equipment in this cart is a God send! Try walking 10-15min in a full wetsuit wearing a 18lb weightbelt and a 80cubic inch aluminum tank on your back without collapsing from the tropical Hawaiian heat & humidity, then back again? A simple bicycle locking device can lock this cart to any tree or sign post. Also great for parties. Best investment i made into my fishing gear! Amazon Affiliates Link- Folding Heavy Duty Shopping Cart- Contour Roam 3 Video Camera- Contour Headband-