Georgie Henley-Whats My Name Ft: Wp,Sk,Bb

Published on Dec. 19, 2010
Source: Youtube

I made this Right after i saw Voyage of the Dawn Treader on Decemeber 10th :) I was so exitied about the movie but I couldn't edit the clips i had, because it wasn't the full movie and it was to hard! lol So i editied my favorite pics :) Yep there is a picture of me in there, haha :) Fandom: Georgie Henley, Will Poulter, Skandar Keyens, Ben Barnes,ME :) Song: Rhianna- Whats my name-Pitch Shift Inspiration: I was in the car with my friend Anna, my sister, and My sisters friend (also Anna's Sister) Alexa, and this song came on the radio, when it was over we flipped to KISS fm and it was onn again :) haha so i knew i had to make a Georgie vid to it :) & Watching Voyage of the dawn treader :) I have seen that movie 3 times :) I am going to see it again with my grandparents, and with my friends on the 23rd :) can't wait!! lol