Internet Crush | Dance Mv (Meme)

Published on Sept. 30, 2016
Channel: Choco-Floof
Source: Youtube

EDIT// no guys you're not the only one hearing bacon pow etc etc please sTOP CommENTING IT IM CRYing you don't know the pain of how many commENTS I HAVE OF IT WEEPS PLEASE STOP SACRIFICING ME TO BACON. p.s it actually says thinking about Original: Song: Characters/Oc's: (left) Shaun aka HyperionCat my partner (middle) Fusion of Shaun x Hannah (partner and me) (right) Hannah aka me B) _____________________________________________________________ sorry again ANOTHER POOPIE SCOOBIE OF AN OVER EDITED CHOCO VID E O HOPE YOU LIKE ANYWAY THROWS SCREAMS DIES HEL P