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Published on Nov. 2, 2015
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See more about our hen party Life Drawing activity - Slightly naughty but oh-so-tasteful... If your bride-to-be isn't really too keen on the idea of full-on strip shows, then she's sure to be pleased to find out that she can still enjoy a few last pleasures of the male flesh before her impending nuptials signal an end to her days as a single lady. Our hen party Life Drawing classes make for sensational, creative fun that all the girls will ab-solutely love! There's going to be a fair bit of cheeky banter, but our models are used to that and hey, it's all part of the fun, right? During your session, you'll have plenty of encouragement from your experienced tutor who'll show you amazing techniques so that you can really capture your model's, eeeer, figure... Learn the secrets of one of the most celebrated artistic disciplines and feast your peepers on some real eye candy on your sensational hen party Life Drawing activity. Why not add a little bit of competition by seeing who can draw the best sketch? The model might even agree to act as a judge...