Mostly Metal Jacket (Newgrounds Flashmovie)

Published on July 22, 2008
Channel: Killerratte
Source: Youtube

I did not create this flashmovie. I posted it here on YouTube to make it a little more popular. I got the permission from the author to upload it. All credit goes to its creator. (See below) The creator of this animutation is "secretbison" on Newgrounds. Date Submitted: 02/12/2005 Author comment: If you take war or American history very seriously, you may not want to watch this movie. Failing that, at least don't blam it. To see the animutation series that inspired MMJ the most, or just to watch something better, watch French Erotic Film, Plan 9 from Underpants, and Conquest of Animutopia, all by TmsT. So, anyway, i uploaded this animutation here on YouTube because this tune never gets out of my head. NEVER ... 'nam 'nam.