Mru Visual Geomorphology Liguria Part 1.Mpg

Published on April 21, 2010
Channel: Marco Ruocco
Source: Youtube

Part 1 of 2 - The video shows the general morphological setting of the Liguria region, based on a digital elevation model from Shuttle Radar Topography Mission at 90 meters of resolution. The animation shows different areas of the region which are of specific interest for the analysis of the relationship between geomorphological conditions and the geological-structural setting. These areas are: Val Fontanabuona and Val di Vara in Liguria di Levante; the comb-shaped coastal valleys in the Imperiese; the carstic landscapes in Finalese in Liguria di Ponente; and in the appennines the area of S.Stefano d'Aveto, characterized by significant deep-seated gravitational slope deformations. The model has been rendered using Natural Scene Designer 4 for landscape visualization applying an elevation-based color scheme of cartographical appearance, so that the 3D forms could be enhanced by coloring as well as by shading. The video is an example of how landscape animation based on regional-scale terrain models and on exploration design guidelines constitutes a useful instrument in research and in teaching to visualize the characteristics of landforms. For more information and to read the research abstract, go to MRU's website