Spanish Greetings And Farewells For Simple Conversations

Published on May 11, 2014
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

Greetings and farewells in Spanish. This video will teach you some Spanish greetings and ways to say goodbye in Spanish with simple expressions (Saludos y despedidas). The video is divided in this way : 1. Basic Greetings in Spanish : saying hellos and good morning in Spanish and other greetings 2. Asking how are you in Spanish: Formal and informal ways for how are you in Spanish 3. Saying I am fine in Spanish and how to say so so in Spanish and I am not well 4. Additional important Spanish greetings : saying nice to meet you in Spanish, nice to see you and other expressions. 5. Farewells in Spanish: how to say goodbye in Spanish and see you soon too. 6. Some important Spanish notes: quotation marks in Spanish greetings, returning a question and using TAMBIEN. 7. Two simple conversations using greetings and farewells in Spanish You can learn a lot more in the main lesson with audio examples, a main conversation and opportunities to practice. Thank you very much to those who shared their photos and icons through Iconfinder , Freeimages and Rgbstock : 1. Handshake by Bob Shone: 2. Couple pic by Leonardo Marroquin: 3. Handshake icon and thumb by Visual Pharm: 4. Couple of friends and Wrong icon by Everaldo Coelho - 5. Talking guys by Rafael Marchesini: 6. Check icon by Dezinerfolio - 7. Hands icon by Web Design Creatives - 8. Teddy bear by Aleksandra P.: 9. Note icon by Aung Thaw Htut 10. Positure pic by John Nyberg: