Tom Brady Suspension Upheld By Nfl | Fair Or Not? [Twitter/Newspapers React!]

Published on July 29, 2015
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Should Tom Brady serve a suspension and if so, how many games? ►► Comment below! JOIN THE TYTSPORTS TEAM and SUBSCRIBE! ► Six months later and we are still talking, circulating, discussing and debating Tom Brady, the New England Patriots and the now infamous Deflategate scandal. Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL, upheld Tom Brady’s four game suspension and now the star QB will most likely be taking the investigation to federal court. The NFL has yet to provide any hard evidence regarding Tom Brady’s messages claiming that he was responsible for deflating footballs during the 2015 AFC Championship game vs. the Indianapolis Colts. Suspension has started to surface since Brady destroyed his cell phone that may or may not have held said messages. Amongst all the headlines, the internet always reacts in hilarious fashion as the tweets and memes that accompanied Brady’s suspension are creative as always. DeflateGate Has Sparked Internet Madness and One Great Francesa Rant ► Click the link below for MORE TYT Sports Presents: The Great Debates ►► Follow TYTSports on Social Media: FACEBOOK ► TWITTER ► INSTA ► Looking to be constantly updated on the wide world of sports news? Follow our hosts on Twitter!