Transitioning My Mom To New York State Managed Long Term Care (A Personal Story)

Published on Sept. 6, 2014
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

I've Documented My "Incredible Journey" Transitioning My 991/2 Year Old Mom From Medicaid Fee-For-Service Long Term Home Health Care To NYS Mandated "For Profit" Managed Long Term Home Care (MLTC). The Purpose Of This Video Is To Relate My Experience During This Process. I Comment On Problems I've Run Into So That Involved Policy Makers And Other Interested Parties Can Use My Feedback To Evaluate And Make Or Advocate For Corrective Policy Changes. TOPICS COVERED: 1) Medicaid Choice leaves a lot to be desired! 2) Wage Parity Implications on MLTC maximum aide hours. 3) Patient is on his/her own finding an MLTC 4) Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program (CDPAP) 5) MLTC Comparison Data not available despite NYS Public Health Law requirements 6) Managed Long Term Care Report 7) IPRO MLTC Member Satisfaction Survey 8) MMCOR Report 9) Transition Cases Submission Data 10) Results of five (5) MLTC Nurse Assessments 11) Uniform Assessment System (UAS) is "misleading" 12) FIDA: It's impact on MLTC's and MLTC enrollees 13) Injustice to MLTC and LTHHC Programs as a result of FIDA 14) The reality and implications of NYS DOH decision making!