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Published on Sept. 27, 2011

Founder, past president and alumni chair of Metro State College's Cryptro Science Society's and Aerospace Operations Major, Jason Cordova joins us to talk about his 5 year old paranormal research group and the amazing experiences and people he's come in contact with over those years, including an investigation of Stan Romanek and his claims with Open Mind's news anchor Alejandro Rojas. ‪http://metro.orgsync.com/org/cryptosciencesociety‬. ‪http://wn.com/Jasonspacemancordova‬ bio:‪http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=134551689935180‬ We also discuss all the latest paranormal and Ufological news from around the world • recent Canadian sightings. • Katy Perry ET Music Video • Winged Cryptid sighting reports including bigot from Stan Gordon of stangordon.info • Temple Mount UFO analysis update • Recent UFO sightings over Poland, Canadian government surveillance of UFO's over the last month, a shapeshifting UFO in California, as well as a Hollywood UFO believer alumni update • An alien discovered a recent garden photograph • Human like milk made by GM cows from CBC • NASA science updates • Richard Branson UFO April Fool's joke • Metamaterials, brain controlled computers,