Waitless Bus Tracking System @ Ga Tech - Bus On The Blue Route Driving By As Leds Light Up

Published on April 30, 2009
Channel: Matthewcoo
Source: Youtube

Test That Shows A Bus On The Blue Route Driving By And Lighting Up The Appropriate LEDs As It Passes, While Connected To GTwireless - 1 minute 30 seconds http://www.waitlesstracking.com/ The WaitLess system we developed tracks all the buses on the Georgia Institute of Technology Campus. It is a standalone system that is solar powered and wireless internet driven; this allows the system to be placed at any bus stop easily with no external power or internet connection requirements. The WaitLess system consists of a case/sign which has a custom display which lights LEDs positioned on a map of the bus routes to indicate the location of all the buses on campus. This way an informed decision can be made, to go ahead and walk or wait for the bus.