Yu-Gi-Oh! Ycs Dallas 2017 Competitive Meta Breakdown! How To Play Around Evenly Matched!

Published on Oct. 20, 2017
Channel: Twiz
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Playing around Circuit Break's new Evenly Matched Yu-Gi-Oh Trap Card is super important going into YCS Dallas 2017! Here's is a competitive meta yugioh breakdown on how to play around and counter Evenly Matched this format! Please help me continue to make more videos & get some cool rewards by joining my Patreon here: http://bit.ly/2ul000T 200+ LIKES would be insane if you guys can make that happen by smashing that LIKE button! Please join my Notification Squad by clicking the Bell Button next to the Subscribe button and turn on your notifications to see when I post another new video! If you want to donate to my channel or streams to improve quality, content, and get some awesome rewards for doing so, feel free to donate any amount big or small: https://twitch.streamlabs.com/twiztime#/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWITTER: https://twitter.com/alextwiz INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/alextwiz FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/twiztime TWITCH: http://www.twitch.tv/twiztime XBOX LIVE GAMERTAG: intch95 DUELINGBOOK: intch95 E-MAIL and Business Inquiries: intch95@gmail.com "Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion" Current Patrons: Josh McLemore Alejandro Gonzalez Team Firedog Ammar Kuljuh